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Port of Koper automates container and rail wagon registration

Port of Koper

The Port of Koper, Slovenia’s primary port, has installed its new OCR portal at the rail entrance of its container terminal.  

In a bid to handle increasing container volumes, the port has decided to utilise new solutions in the digitalisation and process optimisation field. One of these solutions is the OCR Portal which was installed in December 2021.

The system takes note of container and wagon numbers, any possible damage on boxes and specific signs for hazardous cargo, this aims to help speed up the inbound and outbound procedures and eliminates the presence of workers on the field.

The introduction of the portal comes as part of the COMODALCE project which seeks to increase cooperation and coordination along with multimodal freight transport stakeholders in Central Europe, using innovative ICT systems by involving some of the most important ports, rail operators and terminals creating multimodal traffic flows.

As part of the pilot activity, port operator Luka Koper provided the development of a tool that will optimise the use of the rail network within the port in order to streamline data exchange.

Camco Technologies provided the portal which is equipped with AI embedded cameras, capable of registering container, trailer and wagon ID, ISO code, weight info and door direction.

The data is then sent to the TOS increasing overall terminal efficiency.