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Intermodal Container Terminal
Conference Agenda

Intermodal Container Terminal Conference key topics include:


Opening Keynote and Interview from INFORM: Increasing Throughput in Intermodal Terminals


The supply chain is evolving, now more than ever. It is no longer a question of whether intermodal terminal operators should embrace digitalizing their terminal operations; the real question is what they should be looking for to ensure their long-term success with a TOS investment. From the basics through to the advance, INFORM, a market leader in intermodal TOS and add-on optimization, will guide you through the list of features that should be everyone’s list.

2022 Market Outlook and the Impact of Unprecedented Demand on the Supply Chain 

The Impact of Data Sharing and Standardisation on Intermodal Freight Transportation

  • The importance of establishing Intermodal data standards.
  • The role of Digital Platforms for data sharing in an intermodal supply chain.
  • How interoperability can allow the leveraging of data for analytics projects.

Digitalisation and Optimisation: A Practical Debate 

The role of technology within the supply chain is always a topic of debate – what do terminal operators invest in today with their limited budgets and resources to achieve the strongest results for tomorrow? This multifaceted panel will weigh-in on the topics of digitalization and optimization and where they add value and when one should be considering them for investment.

Blockchain Technology and the Digitalised Supply Chain: Utility Trade Networks – Enabling An Ecosystem of Trust 

Harnessing technology to enable automated border clearance & revenue collection, delivering a more streamlined and simplified experience for importers & exporters of all sizes, reducing the cost of trade, and enabling government agencies to gain visibility into cross-border data streams and processes.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Increased Rail Freight Adoption in the Supply Chain

The Opportunities and Challenges of Increased Rail Freight Adoption in the Supply Chain

  • Improving the interoperability of rail freight with the wider supply chain.

  • The innovative technologies which are advancing the growth of the rail freight industry.

  • Rail freight movement as a more sustainable alternative to trucking.

  • The economic variables driving the adoption of rail freight.

Navis @ Intermodal Freight Forum Europe: Connecting IoT to Predictive Analytics for Intermodal

IoT and the Role of Smart Container Technology 

  • The benefits of monitoring, tracking, and tracing smart containers.
  • How data sharing and IoT can combine to transform intermodal freight movement.
  • The various applications for IoT in a smart supply chain.
  • How to utilise your IoT data.

How Intermodal Freight Transportation Can Lead the Supply Chain’s Green Mission 

  • How a shift to Intermodal freight transport can provide cost and carbon emissions savings.
  • Which Intermodal transport method is the most sustainable option?
  • The European regulatory influence on Intermodal freight adoption from decarbonisation policy to rail freight corridors.
  • Investment in Intermodal infrastructure.
  • The role of sustainable Inland shipping in continental Europe.