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Jaco Voorspuij

Product Manager Digital Services

Jaco Voorspuij is a well-seasoned Supply Chain professional with 30 years experience covering both Manufacturing and Logistics.

Starting 1990 he helped implement ERP software as well as design and develop add-ons in leading enterprises across Europe. From 1997 until May 2015 Jaco Voorspuij worked with DHL (and predecessors) on warehousing systems, transportation management, Business & Systems integration, Solutions Design & Architecture and IT Business Development for a number of the largest Clients of DHL and on some of the most challenging projects and Programmes that DHL has run and is running for those Clients.

Supply Chain innovation is a key theme in Jaco’s career so he joined GS1 in 2015. The most powerful innovations only really thrive when they interoperate well with the existing environment using common global standards. Jaco helped develop several of those innovations and standards over his career.


The Impact of Data Sharing and Standardisation on Intermodal Freight Transportation

February 8, 2022 10:15
 - 11:00