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James Canham

Managing Director, Global Border Services Industry Lead

As Global Lead for Border Services at Accenture, Jim Canham helps governments and public bodies worldwide overcome the challenges around facilitating travel, speeding up processing and maintaining security at national borders. His success in this role has won him recognition as a leading global expert in all aspects of border management: he was asked to give evidence to the first session of the UK House of Commons International Trade Select Committee on post-Brexit UK-EU trade policy, and was interviewed recently about border technologies by BBC Click.

In his work with Accenture clients, Jim focuses primarily on issues around customs, border and identity management in a world where physical borders are becoming increasingly virtual. He spends much of his time on the road or in the air, travelling to engage with client teams worldwide on organisational design and digital transformation. He’s passionate about bringing every client the very best of Accenture, both by sharing knowledge and innovations from other clients and industries, and also by envisioning how ongoing rapid change – especially in technology – will impact everyone involved in delivering and using border services.

Outside his day job, Jim’s appearances on the BBC and before the House of Commons Select Committee are just two instances of his wider contribution to the borders agenda. Among other roles, he sits on the Advisory Board for the International Summit on Borders, and advised the World Bank on the development of its Border Management Handbook. Jim is a keen blogger and commentator, writing and speaking widely on customs and border management. He’s also deeply committed to promoting mental health and wellbeing, championing many initiatives in this area.

In terms of educational background, Jim has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Kent University, a Master of Science in Environmental Economics from the University of London, and an MBA from the ENPC International School of Business Management in Paris. After a number of years living and working in Mexico, Brussels and Australia, he now lives in the United Arab Emirates.


Blockchain Technology and the Digitalised Supply Chain: Utility Trade Networks – Enabling An Ecosystem of Trust

February 8, 2022 13:00
 - 13:45