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Nico De Cauwer

Business Architect Digitalisation & Port Community Projects
Port of Antwerp

Nico De Cauwer is Business Architect Digitalisation & Port Community Projects at the Port of Antwerp. He started his career at the Antwerp Port Authority as a Project Manager & Business Analyst in 1994. He has combined this with his work as a Business Consultant at the Antwerp Port Community System since 2011. Within IPCSA he is chairman of the Standards & Technology Subcommittee. Nico played a major role in the development of the IMO’s data reference model approved by the FAL Committee this year, and is Project Lead at UN/CEFACT in its work to define and establish the organisation’s new data model based on the IMO work.


The Impact of Data Sharing and Standardisation on Intermodal Freight Transportation

February 8, 2022 10:15
 - 11:00